Wednesday, February 24, 2010

So Where Am I Starting, and Where am I Going?

Reality set in when I finally got back on the scale and saw I now weigh 405 pounds. That's a scary number. I need to lose the weight. I am a big guy. So, this blog will be my avenue to keep motivated, accountable, and real with myself. Funny thing about being overweight, it doesn't go away by itself.

My t-shirt size is 5x, and sometimes even THOSE are kinda tight.

My waist size is 54.

My dress shirt size is 20, 37/38.

My suit size? I don't even wear them anymore. Can't wait to wear one again. I would guess size 60? 62?

Where am I going? I will see as I get closer. I have been told, due to my build, that I would not look good real skinny. My goal weight right now? I am thinking 199. I would LOVE to be under 200. But that is MORE than HALF my CURRENT BODY WEIGHT. That's a LOT!
(I can't imagine weighing half of what I weigh now, yet thrilled at the thought of it!)

I want to be able to purchase "normal" clothing. I want to be able to buy clothes at a store like Old Navy, or Abercrombie & Fitch, something like that.

See you on the slimmer side.

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