Saturday, January 8, 2011

Weigh-In - 1/8/2011 & Week Review

I was a little worried coming up to this morning. I did a lot this week, but not a lot a lot. Does that make sense? I am not dead. I am not dying of starvation. I have tried to lose weight before and stepped on a scale and saw no change. Frustrating. But, I have already felt better. My shirts already feel like they fit a little better. I feel real good. So, what was going to happen on the scale this morning? I was thinking about it and decided that I need at least 4.2/4.3 pounds lost to have a chance of staying in the "Bakersfield Loser" competition. Today was an elimination day. There are at least 250 people competing, and the paperwork said that after today's weigh-ins, there would be 64 people eliminated from being eligible to win the main prizes. I figure I need to lose at least 1% to stay in. But what if I don't lose that much? The first weigh in was this past Sunday, so I have only had 6 days to do anything. I decided I would have been content if I lost at least two pounds. That would be at least something for this week. I went to the Body Xchange gym and weighed in.
Sunday, I weighed...
Today, I weighed in at...
With a total loss so far of...
5.6 pounds
Bam! I was happy. Then, as I was walking to my vehicle to go home, I remembered... I only had six days. 5.6 pounds in 6 days! THAT'S AWESOME! THAT'S ALMOST A POUND A DAY! I was very excited and proud of myself when I realized that. That was very good for me, and a good pace that I can keep. I can see the value of repeating the week I had for a 5.6 pound loss. And what about when my body can sustain even more working out? This was a great start for me. I am glad I had a good in-the-middle loss. If I hadn't lost much, it would have frustrated me and may have caused me to lose initiative. However, if I lose a lot more weight, for the week I had (I admit, it was better for me, but not necessarily a perfect week), I would have expected drastic results for lackluster performance. There is room for me to do better, but to also be realistic with my expoectations.
Now, I'm thinking, what can I do next? I can increase my Ab Doer Twist workouts, I can go to the gym at least once more. I have more energy- the workouts are more rewarding to myself when I complete them. What else can I do to work on this? Real good vibes right now.
Today will be kind of a rest day for me. I am getting some nice blisters on my feet right now. I even popped some blood under my right foot. My right foot's side is real sore too, like I bruised it. I think I loss my footing on the treadmill and hit the inside of the treadmill with the outside of my right foot. But I will do an Ab Doer Twist workout later today.
Changes I have made this week: Eat less per meal. More water. Less soda. No eating after 7:30 pm. Sherbet replaced ice cream (800% fat intake loss alone on this one!). Almost 9 miles "fast walked" over three gym visits. Thinking more about what I eat. For example, one lunch I had Subway. Instead of a foot long double meat sandwhich on white bread with easy or no (usually no) lettuce, I had a 6 inch (cause I was low on cash in my pocket that day, but hey- I'll still claim it) turkey sandwich on wheat bread "with lettuce." Also, candy laying around the office- thought about having some, then reminded me I was losing weight, then decided the candy wouldn't be worth the later working it off. Don't get me wrong, I still had desserts, but it was more occasional and more intentional, rather than "it's-there-so-I-will-have-some."
Overall, I am very pleased with this week. It was a good start for me- not too little, but not too much that would exhaust me and encourage me to quit. I feel good. I already feel results. There is room for me to improve and be able to challenge myself also. Very happy about this start!

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